Che Róga Band

Che Róga

Camps where children, teens and youth are given the opportunity to follow Christ and deepen their relationship with God.

We believe that in order for people to connect with the heart of God, we must first connect with them. This occurs through games, small groups, worship, sharing powerful messages and free time for fun, games and meaningful interactions.

The Che Róga Band is also a big attraction at the camps, providing a special moment for real and genuine encounters with their Creator and Father.

testimonio che reoga


Going to camp has created a before and after in my life. I was able to leave behind everything that hurt me and everything that made me feel insecure. I have a free heart now because I was able to forgive.

At camp I surrendered my life to God, and felt how He cleansed and freed me from all the sadness and burdens that I carried. Thank you Che Róga for everything you do to create a space where we can have personal experiences with God.

testimonio che reoga


Che Róga Band

We are a praise & worship band on a mission to connect people with the heart of God through music.

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