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Mision Auxiliar

About Misión Auxiliar

We provide educational support to public schools through a team of teachers committed to sharing biblical principles with the students as well as presenting Jesus as our hope and salvation.

In elementary schools, weekly classes are held utilizing illustrated Bible stories, Bible verse memorization, games and songs. In high schools, topics such as addiction, dating, sexuality and identity are shared and discussed.

The classes frequently lead to profound conversations with the students, whose hunger for knowledge about God and an acute need for hope in the midst of abuse, low self esteem and lack of forgiveness is revealed.

Mision Auxiliar

District High School Supervisor

We are losing our young people to drugs, depression, and suicide. We have used all the methods offered to us by the government, but with no success. We need your help because we have seen that what Misión Auxiliar is doing is truly effective for our students.


Fundadores Mision Auxiliar
Walter y Jeanette Braun
Mision Auxiliar

Our Vision

Expanding Gods kingdom in Paraguay by leading people to Christ and discipling them into their true identity in Him.

I learned to value myself and care about myself and the people around me. The talks have given me a lot of useful and necessary information. Now I know that I can trust God.

testimonio che reoga


testimonio che reoga


I learned that sex is not a game as I had thought, but that it has a very important meaning in marriage.

Our Mission

Reach our young generation with biblical truths, using creative methods to help them connect with the love and plan of
God for their lives.